100 Days - sketches in marble

100 Days exhibition at Moreton Mill. Photograph by Pooch Purtill


Download the 100 Days poster The idea behind the series was to produce a sculpture a day, for one hundred days, using the same material, marble, exploring the area between figuration and abstraction. The plan was hatched in February 2009, and completed a year later after nine months of work. The notion of a 'sketch' in marble is a new one, due to the availability of sophisticated power tools, and these tools are a revelation in the respect that they allow exploration of ideas and forms relatively quickly.

One hundred sculptures were completed. One hundred days of work. Ten hours of work each day.

Download the 100 Days poster

'Creation of Day No. 96' an article by Charlotte Hobson:

"8am, in the chill blue light of a January morning, William Peer's workshop lies under a layer of white dust. On shelves and laid out on the floor are the sculptures created on days 1-95; around them tools, children's toys, a bicycle -  all of it transformed by dust, whitened and stilled."

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To read William's thoughts on this series please click here.

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